Google+ Strategy For Real Estate Professionals

Google+ (Google Plus) is the next “big thing” in the social media world. It’s still in a test phase, but we’re already learning strategies that will help expand your presence on the new social networking platform. The more strategies you know; the more likely you’ll see a boost in your real estate business.

In this video, Joe shows you one of the ways he’s growing his Google Plus Circles. As we explained in our post How You Can Use Google+ For Real Estate, Circles are basically groups of friends, coworkers, etc., that you can share information with (think of it like friends on Facebook, but much more organized).

Real estate is all about networking (in real life and through social media), so you want as many people in your Google+ Circles as possible. This strategy is a quick way to get buyers, sellers, and other real estate professionals in your Google Plus mix.

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