Set Up A Google+ Brand Page For Your Real Estate Business

Google+ was exclusive to people connecting with people, but the world’s newest social network introduced Google+ brand pages this week. That means people can now connect with your real estate business on Google+, just like they do on a business Facebook page. The best part is: a Google+ brand page is simple to set up (and highly recommended for any real estate professional). Watch this video to find out just how easy it is:

Google+ brand pages can help real estate professionals connect with new clients. Once they’ve found you, they can recommend you with a +1 (to help grow your following), add you to a circle (to follow you for the long-term), or spend time with you and/or your team face-to-face (with Google+ Hangouts). All you need to do is start sharing on your Google+ brand page, and customers can come to you for all of their real estate needs.

It’s important for real estate professionals — just like you — to get their name out to the public as much as possible. I understand that it can be difficult to juggle all of your social media accounts, but as I just explained, a Google+ brand page is another great avenue for you to introduce yourself to the world. That’s the greatest part about social media…it’s FREE marketing, and if done correctly, can be very powerful (so you have absolutely nothing to lose).

NOTE: If multi-million dollar companies (Pepsi and Toyota), professional sports teams (the Phoenix Suns and Dallas Cowboys), popular television shows (like Good Morning America), and yours truly have created a Google+ brand page — you should too!

If the personal interaction isn’t reason enough for you to create a Google+ brand page, here’s another reason to jump onboard: A Google+ brand page can also generate organic traffic for your real estate business. That’s because your Google+ brand page will appear in actual Google search results (not just Google+). Google is searched billions of time every single day, and people are often looking for a business or brand, so your Google+ brand page can now turn those search queries into real connections (just make sure you optimize your page).

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