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Grow Your Google+ Circles With These Resources

Every real estate professional should want to know how to grow their Google+ Circles (because your network = your net worth in real estate), so I scoured the internet to find the best resources to help you do that. There is a bunch of junk out there, but there are also plenty of winners.

These are the best websites I found:

FindPeopleOnPlus.com — With nearly 15 million Google Plus users indexed, this website does exactly as it says. You can search by profession, state, relationship status, number of followers…the options are almost endless.

GooglePlusCounter.com — This website helps you find new users on Google Plus through user-created lists (ranging anywhere from “Journalists on Google+” to “Croatians on Google+”).

Group.as — I’m not extremely excited about this website, but I thought I’d share it anyway. You can find cool people to add to your Google+ Circles by their different areas of expertise (social media, celebrities, photography, etc.).

RecommendedUsers.com — This website makes adding new people to your Google Plus Circles very simple. All you have to do is click on a circle that interests you and start following until your fingers fall off.

SocialStatistics.com — Find the official Top 100 Google+ users, the Top 5 Google+ movers & shakers, the hottest Google+ posts, featured Google+ users and much more.

Of these resources, I like FindPeopleOnPlus.com the best. The search tool helps you easily find real estate professionals (or whatever you’re looking for) utilizing Google Plus. At the same time, all of these websites appear to have great value, and all will help you achieve the goal of growing your Google+ Circles.

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