Hootsuite For Realtors

HootSuite for Real Estate Agents

If you are a real estate professional and using social media, chances are good that you have at least one Twitter account. Using Twitter is a wise move on your part. This social network is an excellent way to network with members of your industry and community, get market updates and promote your business outright (by tweeting listings, for example) or indirectly (by sharing blog posts, tweeting company updates and so on).

However, it’s possible that you’re not getting all you can out of Twitter, even if you regularly use it in all the ways described above. Ironically, Twitter.com is not the most efficient and powerful tool for utilizing the micro-blogging functionality the site offers. Community managers, social media interns and other businesspeople around the world rely on social media dashboards like HootSuite to manage their accounts and enhance Twitter’s functionality.


What is HootSuite?

HootSuite augments the functionality of social networks, particularly Twitter, by making it easier and more efficient to use (especially when you are using multiple accounts) as well as providing features the social network itself does not have. HootSuite also bills itself as a major time saver; depending on how much you use your social media accounts, you could save entire days every year thanks to it!


Here is a list of just a few tasks Twitter users can perform through HootSuite that they cannot perform on Twitter itself:

  • Schedule tweets for specific times and dates.
  • Tweet the same content from multiple Twitter accounts, simultaneously.
  • Watch multiple auto-updating feeds of tweets containing user-selected hashtags or keywords.
  • Watch auto-updating feeds of tweets that mention any or all of your Twitter accounts.


HootSuite can be used with a variety of social media networks, from Google Plus to LinkedIn to Instagram, but it is by far the most compatible with Twitter. This is largely due to the fact that Twitter’s micro-blogging functionality is ideal for HootSuite’s format.


Still skeptical about how useful HootSuite can be? Know that organizations like Zappos, Sony Music, the Virgin Group and even the Obama administration use it to manage their social media networks. On a personal level, I, as a community manager for a Market Leader, use HootSuite hourly to interact with Twitter’s real estate community.


Please note: This post assumes you have a basic understanding of Twitter. Newcomers should read PowerUP Social Media’s Twitter tips for an introduction to this social media network.


Create a HootSuite Account

First, go to HootSuite.com and create a free account. All that is required to do so is your email address, name and a password. You will only need a single HootSuite account for all your Twitter accounts – business and personal – so it is best to sign up using an email address you will always have access to.



As soon as you enter your personal information, the following page will load. Click on the social networks you want to connect to your HootSuite account.



The following window appeared when I clicked Twitter’s button. Note that the webpage in this window belongs to Twitter, not HootSuite. Enter your Twitter handle and password into the appropriate text boxes, and Twitter will authorize HootSuite to use your account on your behalf.



Once you have authorized HootSuite with Twitter and have completed the setup process, your blank HootSuite dashboard will appear. You will be prompted to create a new “tab” and “streams.”


  • Tabs are essentially the folders your Twitter content is placed in. I prefer to have a tab for each Twitter account (i.e., one for RealEstate.com’s account, another for Market Leader’s account and so on), but you can organize them in any way you want. Tabs are located near the top of the HootSuite dashboard. They can be created by pressing the small “+” button located to the right of the tabs. To delete them, press the small “x” located next to each tab’s name.
  • Streams are the tweet feeds you can add and remove from tabs. For example, my RealEstate.com tab has one stream for the mentions it receives, one for sent tweets, one for tweets that have been retweeted and a handful of streams for real estate-related keywords and hashtags. Streams auto-update in that HootSuite refreshes your streams to include recently published tweets that belong in them. Streams will be discussed in greater detail later in this post.

Here’s an example of what my RealEstate.com tab looks like. Note that the three streams on the right all display tweets containing keywords and hashtags I chose: “real estate,” “housing,” “realtor” and #househunting. I use these streams to find and join Twitter conversations relating to real estate (another topic that will be discussed more below).

How to Tweet Using HootSuite

Tweets are composed using the bar located at the top of the HootSuite dashboard. To begin, type your tweet into the text box that reads, “Compose message…”


Tweets composed on HootSuite are limited to 140 characters, just like tweets composed on Twitter. HootSuite’s tweet composer will show you how many characters you have left as soon as you have selected a social network profile (see below for more information on selecting a profile).


Screen Shot 2013-06-04 at 5.14.15 PM 

Link shortener


Twitter’s character limit makes copying and pasting entire URLs into tweets something of a liability. Link shorteners like bit.ly bypass this problem by taking a long URL, like reallylongdomainname.com/article-with-long-name, and shortening it to something with far less characters, like ow.ly/li7bq.

HootSuite conveniently has its ow.ly link shortener located within the tweet composer and provides some analytics on how many times these shortened URLs have been clicked. These stats can be found in the “Analytics” tab in the sidebar on the left side of its dashboard (represented by a miniature graph).


Attach documents, set location, save tweet drafts and schedule tweets


Note the icons that appear to the right of the link shortener. You can use these icons to attach a document or folder, set your location, and – my personal favorite – schedule the date and time your tweets will be published. (The fourth icon, privacy options, only applies to Facebook, Google Plus and LinkedIn.)

The tweet scheduler can be used to plan your tweets years in advance, for specific times and dates. It is incredibly handy for any social media manager looking to schedule an entire day’s worth of tweets in one sitting.


The floppy disk icon located immediately to the left of the grey “Send Now” button can be clicked to save your tweet as a draft. Your drafts can be quickly and easily accessed by clicking on the arrow icon located between the floppy disk and the “Send Now” button.

Choose social network profile

Choose which account you want to send your unpublished tweets from by hovering your cursor over the drop-down menu labeled “Click to select a social network.” Every Twitter account you have added to your HootSuite profile will appear in this menu.


Click on the account from which you want to send the tweet.


Let’s say I want to share this message with both RealEstate.com and Market Leader’s Twitter followers. I simply need to hover my cursor above the same drop-down menu again and also select Market Leader’s Twitter account icon. It will show up next to RealEstate.com’s Twitter account icon as soon as I have done so.


Have Conversations on Your HootSuite Dashboard

Find people who are tweeting about real estate or other topics you are interested in by looking at the streams you create on your HootSuite dashboard. Consider the tweets in the “real estate” stream in the picture below.


Let’s say that, for the sake of interacting with the real estate community of Twitter, I want to tweet at seydesignstudio. She only has one more night at her Keller Williams real estate class, and I want to wish her luck in the real estate industry. The beginning of this interaction occurs when I hover my cursor over her tweet in the “real estate” stream.


Note that when I place my cursor above her tweet, four icons appear in the box. These icons will appear whenever you hover over any tweet. Click the icon on the far left, the arrow, to reply to a tweet. The icon to the right of the reply button will retweet the tweet to your followers. The icon to the right of that will let you send the tweet’s publisher a direct message. Clicking the icon on the far right will cause a menu to appear with additional methods of interaction, including the “favorite” star icon.


For this example, I will reply to seydesignstudio’s tweet. I do so by clicking the reply icon, and seydesignstudio’s username appears with the “@” symbol in the compose tweet box. I am now able to type my reply to seydesignstudio.


Say I don’t want to send this tweet right away. I can schedule it to be sent out sometime in the future by clicking on the calendar icon under the text box.

mentionsSending tweets is only half of the interaction process. To see the tweets that mention RealEstate.com’s and Market Leader’s Twitter accounts, I keep a stream of these mentions in a visible place on my HootSuite dashboard. This way I can easily see who is tweeting at RealEstate.com and Market Leader and respond to them quickly.


Not able to find tweets related to your interests or profession in the streams you create? Try using different keywords in a new stream.

For example, I’ve learned from experience that the “#househunting” stream that appears on my HootSuite dashboard is typically filled with tweets from people in countries like England, Canada and Australia. Tweets in this stream are thus of little interest to me. Instead of using the keyword #househunting to capture tweets pertaining to the buying and selling of residential real estate, I can use the keywords #homebuyer and #homeseller, real estate terms that are commonly used in the U.S.



Final Thoughts

This post has only scraped the surface of HootSuite’s functionality. My intention was not to make you a HootSuite master, but to pique your interest so that you want to create an account. You will need to spend time on HootSuite in order to truly understand and appreciate it.

If you are still skeptical about the value HootSuite can offer you, please believe me when I say that you should give it a shot before dismissing it altogether. Any skepticism I once harbored about HootSuite dissipated as soon as I started using it! I went from being skeptical of HootSuite to never visiting Twitter.com to use my Twitter accounts in the space of a couple days.


Andy Fulton is a community manager for Market Leader. He has more than three years of experience with blogging, outreach, and managing social media accounts for a handful of companies and nonprofit organizations in the Seattle area.

Find Out Why You Should Use Pinterest For Real Estate

There’s a new power emerging in the world of social media and it’s perfect for real estate. I’m talking about Pinterest. No, I’m not kidding. Pinterest is the fastest growing social network in the world, increasing its users by 145% since the start of 2012. If you ask us at PowerUP Social Media, it’s time to throw your real estate business on the bandwagon.

Pinterest, which is promoted as an online pinboard, reached 10 million unique visits faster than any other website in history, and it’s popularity continues to grow. In fact, more people spend time on Pinterest than Twitter or Google+. Only Facebook and Tumblr get more social media time than Pinterest right now. I know I’m cramming a lot of numbers down your throat, but this is also really interesting: Pinterest is already generating more referral traffic to websites than YouTube, Google+, and LinkedIn COMBINED. It’s no wonder people are jumping into the Pinterest mix.

Some of the top names in the world of real estate (HGTV is one of the biggest players on Pinterest right now) are among those onboard. Like I mentioned before, Pinterest and real estate are perfect for each other, and I’m going to tell you why:

Pintrest is very simple, it’s 100% photos (check out Style House Realty for an example), and if used properly, it allows people to know more about you (your likes, dislikes, etc.). That’s great for real estate professionals because it allows you to build an instant bond with clients or business partners without ever having a real conversation (and it gives you talking points once that real conversation happens).

Pinterest also allows you to showcase the area you’re servicing. Take Raj Qsar for example. Raj is a real estate professional in Orange County. He features Orange County Eats, Orange County Lifestyle, Orange County Kids, among others on his Pinterest board. Raj is showing two things here: that he loves the area that he lives in and no one knows Orange County better than he does. If I’m looking for a real estate professional in the OC…that’s a guy I want to lean on. He sold me on Pinterest.

You can learn from this post even if you’re not on Pinterest. You now need to keep in mind what image or images you use in your real estate blog (or whatever you write about). If there aren’t images (or good images), then your post isn’t “pin-worthy” (since the social media site is all about pictures). If Pinterest continues to grow, and your blog isn’t “pin-worthy”, you’re missing out on backlinks and referral traffic to your real estate blog/website.

I would love to know how you’re using Pinterest for real estate. You can reach me on Twitter, Facebook, Google+, YouTube, or email me at tim@powerupsocialmedia.com. I’d love to add other great examples to this post (or future posts about Pinterest).

We aim to make real estate professionals the best they can be through social media at PowerUP Social Media. We’re staying on top of the latest trends and letting you know how they can be used in real estate. Visit our website or enter your information below for more great real estate social media tips!

Twitter Makes Major Changes To Your Profile

It’s hard to avoid conversations about the new Facebook Timeline, the new profile Facebook is currently rolling out (click here to watch a pair of videos 1 | 2 that we’ve done on the Facebook Timeline). As for Twitter, they made some “under the radar” changes to your profile recently. Check out Twitter’s new look in this video:

Like I mentioned in the video, I usually use TweetDeck or HootSuite, so I didn’t notice the changes on Twitter.com right away. Twitter conducted its makeover in mid-February. The makeover hasn’t fully taken hold though. When I log in to Twitter on my home computer, I get the new-look profile. When I log in to Twitter on my work computer, I get the old-look profile.

Aside from aesthetics, Twitter isn’t that much different. The “@ Connect” tab is more in-depth than before. Instead of just showing when you were mentioned, it now shows all of your “interactions,” including who recently followed you, favorited one of your tweets, etc. The “# Discover” tab is new and different. Instead of just searching for hashtags, Twitter now offers popular topics in story form. You can then “View Tweets About This…” and get in the conversation if you find the story interesting.

One of the cool features that real estate professionals can take advantage of is the “Browse Categories” section under “# Discover” (you can find the “Browse Categories” option in the top left-hand corner of your screen once you get into the “# Discover” section. You can now search “real estate” or “real estate in [whatever city you live/work in], and Twitter will find real estate professionals and/or companies that you might find of interest. Follow the cool people you find, connect with them, and start building a business relationship. It’s that simple!

I don’t have any major complaints about the changes. In fact, I kind of like them. Twitter is still easy to use, and I honestly think it’s easier to navigate than it was before (once you get used to the control panel and feed flip-flopping sides).

I would love to know what you think about Twitter’s changes. You can connect with us on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and/or Google+.

We aim to make real estate professionals the best they can be at PowerUP Social Media. Visit our website or enter your information below for more real estate social media tips and training!

Learn How To Drive Traffic With New YouTube Links

YouTube made a bunch of changes at the end of the year, and I’m guessing you’re not aware of all the cool new features they offer. I’m actually still learning about a lot of them too, so don’t feel bad. This is one of the best secrets I recently found (and of course I want to share it with you). YouTube has opened the door for you to drive traffic to other websites from your channel. Here’s how you do it!

Check out the PowerUP Social Media channel to see what the finished product looks like!

Like I mentioned in the video, YouTube used to limit how much you could lead people away from their website. The only place you were able to attach your link was in the description of a video. They’re taking a much different approach these days. Now you can guide anyone who visits your YouTube channel to your real estate website, your real estate blog, and/or any of your social media accounts. The links are all “above the fold” (you don’t have to scroll down the page to find them), so that makes them even better.

I highly recommend making the most of these new YouTube links. It’s another awesome avenue to lead potential customers what you’re selling (it’s obviously real estate in your case). It only takes a few seconds to post a link, so there’s no excuse not to (especially when it’s good for your real estate business).

We aim to make real estate professionals the best they can be at PowerUP Social Media. Visit our website or enter your information below for more real estate social media tips and training!

What To Expect Once You Switch To The Facebook Timeline

Everyone is talking about the Facebook Timeline these days. Whether it’s in the office or on television, Facebook’s new profile is the hot topic. The Timeline hasn’t received great feedback from the Facebook users who have made the switch, so you might be hesitant to make the change yourself. If you haven’t seen the new Facebook Timeline, or you’ve seen it, but you don’t totally understand what’s going on with it, the following video is for you!

I recently switched my personal account to the Timeline just so I can show you exactly what to expect from your new Facebook profile. Keep in mind that switching to the Timeline is only an option for now, but soon all of Facebook’s 800 million users are going to have the new profile. That’s why I suggest making the switch now, so you can get used to the changes sooner rather than later. Facebook is one of the big ways real estate professionals do business, so by changing to the Timeline now you can avoid hiccups down the road (when your account is automatically switched for you).

I would love to know what you think of the Facebook Timeline! I’ve heard everything from “hate it” to “love it”. Please feel leave your comments below. I’ll share some of your feedback in a post down the road. You can also leave your comments with us on Twitter, Facebook, and Google+.

At PowerUP Social Media, we aim to make real estate professionals the best they can be through social media. Visit our website or enter your information below for more real estate social media tips and training!

Set Up A Google+ Brand Page For Your Real Estate Business

Google+ was exclusive to people connecting with people, but the world’s newest social network introduced Google+ brand pages this week. That means people can now connect with your real estate business on Google+, just like they do on a business Facebook page. The best part is: a Google+ brand page is simple to set up (and highly recommended for any real estate professional). Watch this video to find out just how easy it is:

Google+ brand pages can help real estate professionals connect with new clients. Once they’ve found you, they can recommend you with a +1 (to help grow your following), add you to a circle (to follow you for the long-term), or spend time with you and/or your team face-to-face (with Google+ Hangouts). All you need to do is start sharing on your Google+ brand page, and customers can come to you for all of their real estate needs.

It’s important for real estate professionals — just like you — to get their name out to the public as much as possible. I understand that it can be difficult to juggle all of your social media accounts, but as I just explained, a Google+ brand page is another great avenue for you to introduce yourself to the world. That’s the greatest part about social media…it’s FREE marketing, and if done correctly, can be very powerful (so you have absolutely nothing to lose).

NOTE: If multi-million dollar companies (Pepsi and Toyota), professional sports teams (the Phoenix Suns and Dallas Cowboys), popular television shows (like Good Morning America), and yours truly have created a Google+ brand page — you should too!

If the personal interaction isn’t reason enough for you to create a Google+ brand page, here’s another reason to jump onboard: A Google+ brand page can also generate organic traffic for your real estate business. That’s because your Google+ brand page will appear in actual Google search results (not just Google+). Google is searched billions of time every single day, and people are often looking for a business or brand, so your Google+ brand page can now turn those search queries into real connections (just make sure you optimize your page).

We aim to make real estate professionals the best they can possibly be at PowerUP Social Media. Visit our website and/or sign up below for more social media tips and strategies designed specifically for real estate professionals.

PURE Training | Social Media Training For Real Estate

By now you should know that social media is an essential marketing tool for your real estate business. That’s why more than 84% of real estate professionals use social media. The only problem is: most real estate professionals don’t know how to use social media correctly. They just use social media, to use social media (because everyone says they should). Listen to me when I say that social media is a POWERFUL marketing tool when used properly. If you’re not seeing the results you want from social media…here’s the answer:

You can learn much more about PURE Training right now at http://PURESM.com. I also created this video to give you a sneak peek behind-the-scenes view of the “members only” PURE Training Center. I want to show you exactly how great PURE Training is!

Social media doesn’t have to be a burden for you anymore. That’s because PURE Training is proven to work. We’ve helped hundreds of real estate professionals — just like you — take their business to the next level through the power of social media. Don’t just take my word for it…check out these testimonials.

I still can’t believe we’re giving this program away for just $97! Take another look at everything you get:

  • Nearly two hours of social media video training designed specifically for real estate professionals like you.
  • Step-by-step training teaching you how to master Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, and Google+.
  • Mind maps and PDFs showing you exactly how to create effective social media campaigns.
  • Custom designed backgrounds for your Twitter and YouTube accounts for a more professional look.
  • A unique plug-and-play tweet list to help you save time every single day (you can’t find this anywhere else).
  • One-on-one email coaching with us — the experts — to help you break down any barriers standing in your way.
  • And much more!

On top of all that, PURE Training is guaranteed to launch your real estate business and social media presence to new heights. If you aren’t seeing the results you want 30 days after you purchased the program, we’ll give you your money back — no questions asked.

Stop wasting time on social media! It’s time to turn your followers and friends into customers and dollar signs! Sign up for PURE Training today!!!

Don’t forget that we also offer free social media tips for real estate professionals at http://powerupsocialmedia.com. You can also get three FREE social media training videos right now by entering your information below. PowerUP Social Media is here to help you be the best real estate professional you can be!

Manage Twitter, Facebook, And LinkedIn ALL With TweetDeck

The biggest complaint I hear is that it’s impossible to juggle all of your social media accounts. Since you need to be using Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, and Google+ for your real estate business, I understand how overwhelming it can be. I’ve gone through the same exact struggles myself. I don’t suffer anymore though. That’s because of a social media dashboard called TweetDeck. With TweetDeck, you can manage your Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn accounts all in one place for FREE. It’s made my life much easier and it can do the same for you. Check out this video to learn how!

As you just saw in the video, TweetDeck isn’t just for Twitter (although it is the official social media dashboard for Twitter). It allows you to post to Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn all with one push of a button. On top of that, TweetDeck makes managing your accounts a lot easier, it allows you to scheduled your posts, and it also includes a killer search tool to help you network (plus so much more).

I’ve said it once, and I’ll say it again: TweetDeck makes managing your social media accounts so much easier. Trust me when I say that you want TweetDeck for your real estate business. It’s absolutely free, so you have everything to gain by trying it out. You can get your hands on TweetDeck at http://tweetdeck.com/.

There is another great social media dashboard called HootSuite (as I mentioned in the video). I manage Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn on my cell phone with that application. They have a version for your computer as well. You honestly can’t go wrong with either TweetDeck or HootSuite. You can learn more about HootSuite at HootSuite.com.

We’re here to make real estate professional the best they can be through the power of social media. We’ll do anything we can to help launch you and your real estate business to the next level. Visit PowerUPSocialMedia.com and/or sign up below for more awesome social media tips designed specifically for real estate.

Make The Most Out Of PowerUPSocialMedia.com

If you’re a real estate professional and you’re trying to learn more about social media — CONGRATULATIONS! I say that for two reasons: 1) Social media is FREE marketing and every real estate professional should be utilizing it. 2) You made a wise choice by turning to PowerUP Social Media for advice. That’s what we’re here for — we specialize in social media for real estate!

We offer a ton of social media tips, covering Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, and Google+, but you can find much more than that at PowerUPSocialMedia.com. We share tips that will explode your online presence, tools that you need to be using every day in your real estate business, killer resources for real estate professionals, and much more. We offer a lot, so I created this video to help you navigate the site. Learn how to make the most out of PowerUPSocialMedia.com!

To make life even easier, I’ve added quick links below to take you directly where you want to go!


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Edit Your Real Estate Videos For FREE On YouTube

What if I were to tell you that you no longer need expensive editing equipment or software to create awesome real estate videos? You’d want to know more, right? Luckily for you, that’s what this post is all about. You can now quickly and easily edit your real estate videos on YouTube for FREE. Here’s a video showing you how!

It doesn’t have to be more complicated than that! With just a few clicks, you can have your real estate videos looking better than ever for FREE thanks to YouTube.

The YouTube video editor is especially useful for real estate photo or video slideshows. I’ve seen too many real estate videos on YouTube that have beautiful pictures or clips of properties, but there’s no music to back them up — they’re only visual (I’m sorry, but that’s boring). I think it’s great that real estate professionals are using YouTube (if you’re not — find out why you need to sign up immediately), but they can make their videos pop even more with music, cool effects, or titles (learn how to easily add titles to your YouTube videos for FREE).

There is a more advanced way to edit your real estate videos on YouTube, but I’ll show you how to do that on another blog/video. I want to take you through this one step at a time. If you’d like to jump ahead without me and investigate the more advanced YouTube video editor (it’s totally encouraged — don’t let me hold you back) — click here.

I would love to hear your success stories, so please leave a comment below or email me at tim@powerupsocialmedia.com. If you like the above video, please feel free to give it a thumbs up on YouTube.

Our goal at PowerUP Social Media is to make real estate professionals the best they can be through social media. Visit our website and sign up for our mailing list below to receive more awesome real estate social media tips. If you’re ready to launch your real estate business to the next level, be sure to check out our PURE Training program. It’s guaranteed to launch you to new heights!

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