Twitter Makes Major Changes To Your Profile

What To Tweet

It’s hard to avoid conversations about the new Facebook Timeline, the new profile Facebook is currently rolling out (click here to watch a pair of videos 1 | 2 that we’ve done on the Facebook Timeline). As for Twitter, they made some “under the radar” changes to your profile recently. Check out Twitter’s new look […]

Quickly Unfollow On Twitter With ManageFlitter

Unfollow On Twitter

Find out how to quickly unfollow on Twitter with this simple tool called ManageFlitter. We use this Twitter unfollow tool several times a week as we aim to increase Twitter followers on all of our PowerUP Social Media accounts. Check out this video for a step-by-step guide on how to unfollow people who don’t follow you back or are inactive […]

Twitter User Galleries Perfect For Real Estate Professionals

Twitter User Gallery

Twitter unveiled a new feature this week called user galleries. A user gallery puts your pictures front and center on your profile (much like an album on Facebook). That’s a huge bonus for real estate professionals and I’ll tell you why! The last 100 photos you’ve posted on Twitter will now be showcased on a single page. […]

Sign Up For The “PowerUP Your Twitter Presence” Webinar

Twitter Logo

It’s our goal at PowerUP Social Media to help real estate professionals dominate the world of social media. One of the ways we’re doing that is through webinars (a.k.a online seminars). The first real estate social media webinar we’re putting together is called PowerUP Your Twitter Presence. Here’s what you’ll learn for absolutely FREE: A keyword tool you can use […]

When Is The Best Time Of Day To Tweet?

Best Time To Tweet

I just found this new Twitter tool that shows you the best times to post tweets to your followers! This is important because people tend to check their social profiles at different times during the day. If you post during “high traffic” times, more people will see what you’re posting. On the flip side, if you tweet […]