How to use Instagram and Vine to make your listings shine

Instagram and vind

One of the most exciting things of using social media for real estate agents is the ability for you to give your clients a great way to tour the property they’re interested from the comfort of their home or office. It’s a great way for them to share the property they’re interested in with family […]

Twitter Makes Major Changes To Your Profile

What To Tweet

It’s hard to avoid conversations about the new Facebook Timeline, the new profile Facebook is currently rolling out (click here to watch a pair of videos 1 | 2 that we’ve done on the Facebook Timeline). As for Twitter, they made some “under the radar” changes to your profile recently. Check out Twitter’s new look […]

Learn How To Drive Traffic With New YouTube Links

Dominate YouTube

YouTube made a bunch of changes at the end of the year, and I’m guessing you’re not aware of all the cool new features they offer. I’m actually still learning about a lot of them too, so don’t feel bad. This is one of the best secrets I recently found (and of course I want […]

What To Expect Once You Switch To The Facebook Timeline

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Everyone is talking about the Facebook Timeline these days. Whether it’s in the office or on television, Facebook’s new profile is the hot topic. The Timeline hasn’t received great feedback from the Facebook users who have made the switch, so you might be hesitant to make the change yourself. If you haven’t seen the new […]

Facebook Timeline: Learn More About Your New Profile

Facebook Timeline Image

Say goodbye to your old Facebook profile. You don’t have to bid farewell just yet, but you’ll have to soon. That’s because the world’s largest social network is shifting to the new Facebook Timeline. It’s a new profile that is completely different than the one you already have. Everyone is talking about the Facebook Timeline, […]

PURE Training | Social Media Training For Real Estate

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By now you should know that social media is an essential marketing tool for your real estate business. That’s why more than 84% of real estate professionals use social media. The only problem is: most real estate professionals don’t know how to use social media correctly. They just use social media, to use social media […]