Learn How To Drive Traffic With New YouTube Links

Dominate YouTube

YouTube made a bunch of changes at the end of the year, and I’m guessing you’re not aware of all the cool new features they offer. I’m actually still learning about a lot of them too, so don’t feel bad. This is one of the best secrets I recently found (and of course I want […]

Edit Your Real Estate Videos For FREE On YouTube

edit videos on youtube

What if I were to tell you that you no longer need expensive editing equipment or software to create awesome real estate videos? You’d want to know more, right? Luckily for you, that’s what this post is all about. You can now quickly and easily edit your real estate videos on YouTube for FREE. Here’s a video […]

Use A YouTube Bulletin To Communicate With Subscribers

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Videos, videos, and more videos. That’s probably what comes to mind when most people think about YouTube. The reality is much different. YouTube is a community just like any other social media platform. The more subscribers and friends that you have on YouTube, the more views, likes, and comments (all are great for YouTube ranking) your videos will get. That […]

Learn How To Add YouTube Annotations To Your Videos

YouTube annotations

There’s a very simple feature you can use to make your YouTube videos more interactive and drive traffic to your YouTube channel, other YouTube videos, and just about anything else you want to. I’m talking about YouTube annotations. If you just asked “What in the world are YouTube annotations?” (or you know what they are and you want to […]

DON’T MISS THIS –> Learn How To Dominate YouTube!

Dominate YouTube

I introduced you to YouTube guru James Wedmore in last week’s Learn How To Drive Traffic To Your Website With YouTube blog post (<– read this if you haven’t already). I gave away some of the secrets he shared with us on our trip to San Diego a couple of weeks ago. Wedmore basically teaches people how […]

Learn How To Drive Traffic To Your Website With YouTube

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Among the amazing people we met at the FortuneBuilders Info Empire Event in San Diego last week is YouTube guru James Wedmore. By teaching people these simple video marketing tips that I’m about to show you, Wedmore has helped hundreds of clients get massive amounts of video views and more traffic to their websites. We learned a ton of information […]