How You Can Use Google+ For Real Estate

There’s a new player in the social media game and it’s a monster. Google recently launched Google+ (or Google Plus) in an effort to join the social networking ranks with Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and the rest of the social media world.

Google Plus is still only in a test phase, but there are some out there who think the new social media platform can steal the crown from Facebook (the current king of social media). With 20 million users in its first three weeks, there’s no reason to think Google+ can’t take a run at the best of the best (and help launch your real estate business to new heights at the same time).

Since it’s just a baby, there are a lot of you wondering what Google Plus is all about. That’s why I’m here to lay down some of the basics.

As described by Google, the Google+ project makes sharing on the web more like sharing in real life.

There are three main components to Google Plus:

Google+ Circles: Think of this like friends on Facebook, but much more organized. You can make one circle for friends, another circle for family, and so on. Unlike Facebook and other social media outlets, Google Plus allows you to pick and choose who you want to share certain information (videos, pictures, etc.) with. That means you can send a cool article to your real estate colleagues, but you can leave out your friends that don’t give a lick about real estate.

Google+ Hangouts: Facebook only offers a chat feature, while Google Plus takes that to the next level. You can video chat with multiple people all at once (much like Skype). Google+ allows you catch up with your pals, watch YouTube, or just hangout. This can be an incredible tool for your real estate business. Instead of meeting in person; you can connect on a Google Plus Hangout.

Google+ Sparks: This might turn out to be the most important Google Plus feature for your real estate business. Google Plus Sparks allows you to suggest news stories, real estate articles, PowerUP Social Media videos (sorry, I had to throw that in there), etc., with certain groups of people and not others. As Google describes it, there’s always something to be watched, read, or shared. This should allow for targeted market opportunities in the future (and a boost in your real estate business).

Google Plus is going to change a little bit over time. Google is currently testing the platform to see what works and what doesn’t. With that said, you should join the Google+ project as soon as possible. The sooner you get connected, the quicker you learn the system, and the quicker you can implement Google Plus into real estate marketing strategy.

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