What To Expect Once You Switch To The Facebook Timeline

Everyone is talking about the Facebook Timeline these days. Whether it’s in the office or on television, Facebook’s new profile is the hot topic. The Timeline hasn’t received great feedback from the Facebook users who have made the switch, so you might be hesitant to make the change yourself. If you haven’t seen the new Facebook Timeline, or you’ve seen it, but you don’t totally understand what’s going on with it, the following video is for you!

I recently switched my personal account to the Timeline just so I can show you exactly what to expect from your new Facebook profile. Keep in mind that switching to the Timeline is only an option for now, but soon all of Facebook’s 800 million users are going to have the new profile. That’s why I suggest making the switch now, so you can get used to the changes sooner rather than later. Facebook is one of the big ways real estate professionals do business, so by changing to the Timeline now you can avoid hiccups down the road (when your account is automatically switched for you).

I would love to know what you think of the Facebook Timeline! I’ve heard everything from “hate it” to “love it”. Please feel leave your comments below. I’ll share some of your feedback in a post down the road. You can also leave your comments with us on Twitter, Facebook, and Google+.

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